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Advertising and Promotions

Advertising in a high-profile national publications this is a great way to broadcast your book to the world. However, it is excessively expensive for an individual author to design and purchase an ad in most national publications or host your own infomercial. Through the (PUBLISHER) Advertising programs, you get access to a variety of reasonable and convenient opportunities to promote your book.


Ingram Catalog Marketing

Endorsing your book on the pages of a familiar and trusted name gives you a tremendous advantage. To a degree, you, as an author, are forming a strategic partnership with an already trusted brand as you launch your own marketing campaign.

Be seen on the respected pages of any or a mixture of four of Ingram’s reputable and established print publications, which have an established circulation of more than 13,500 booksellers and librarians. If you want to step up from print to digital media, you can also develop your online presence and global reach by being a part of Ingram’s e-newsletter or online catalog. This stretches not just the prestige of being among the roster of extraordinary authors but more importantly, it makes your book suitably accessible to your niche market.

Put your book exactly where it needs to be—in front of the eyes of major book buyers, retailers, librarians, industry decision makers, and your readers. With the Ingram Print & Online Catalog Marketing Services, (PUBLISHER) gives you the opportunity to promote your book in an industry magazine and a selection of catalogs—all in one package.


 Single Slot Ad in ForeWord Magazine (1 out of 10 slots)

 Single Slot Ad in the Advance Catalog (1 out of 8 slots)

 Single Slot Ad in The Independent Voice (formerly Fine Print) Online Catalog

Ingram Advance Catalog has been in publication for over 20 years, highlighting the best and forthcoming titles through its monthly buying guide. This publication is read by over 7,000 retailers, librarians, and international customers via print and 29,000 international and domestic booksellers and librarians in digital format. Along with title listing, it also leads in editorial content, including author interviews, merchandising tips, and products news.

The Advance Magazine has an established circulation of more than 13,500 booksellers and librarians over the past twenty years. It is published monthly and distributed five weeks prior to the issue month. It is a trusted reference for new books because of its comprehensive title listing and purchasing tool.

The Independent Voice Catalog (formerly The Fine Print) is a searchable catalog much like the Advance Catalog, but is hosted online and caters to titles with small print runs. It allows 23,000 retailers, librarians, and international accounts to view titles, make selections, and place an order on ipage®—Ingram’s online search, order, and account management site.

About Ingram Content Group

Ingram is the leading distributor of print and digital content. It offers fully integrated print and digital wholesale and distribution services for the book industry. Each year, Ingram issues a series of catalogs to retailers and libraries showcasing forthcoming and recently published titles.

PRESS RELEASE -Essential Edition

Entice attention with a professionally written press release to publicize your book to the media. (PUBLISHER) maintains a wideranging database of radio and TV stations, newspapers and online news sources from which we will develop a list of at least 500 targeted media outlets to receive your press release.

The Press Release – Essential Edition includes:

 Personalized one-page press release based on material you provide about your book

 Distribution of your press release to a minimum of 500 media outlets chosen based on location, your book’s genre and more; recipients may include magazines, newspapers, online publications, and radio and TV programs

 One month of press-release tracking


Social Media Advertising - Basic

With its enormous user database, Facebook has the circulation to help give your book’s marketing campaign some pull. Even Instagram, another social media website owned by Facebook, is a possible marketing platform that is used by many brands.

Here's how it works:

 (PUBLISHER) designs a roundabout ad for your book.

 (PUBLISHER) creates a custom audience that precisely targets potential readers who might be interested in your book.

 Your carousel ad will be shown at least a million times on Facebook and Instagram’s news feeds.

Note: Instagram ads appear on mobile only. (PUBLISHER) monitors and manages your ad campaign.

Note: Facebook retains the right to decline to show ads based on their own policies and practices.


Catch the chance to be interrogated by a veteran broadcaster in the country. Ric Bratton’s knowledge includes widespread skill in both radio and television as a gifted interviewer, who is able to host his shows without turn or tremor.

Booking a radio interview with the well-known Ric Bratton is now in your reach. Our Radio Interview service will get you a promotion on Ric Bratton’s radio show “This Week n America” and will have that interview recorded and distributed to multiple channels.

Features of this service include a 15-minute interview with nationally recognized radio host, Ric Bratton, production and distribution of the recorded interview.

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