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6 benefits of self-publishing

You sit back, take a breath, and scroll down from the top to the bottom of your manuscript. You’ve spent hours outlining your plot and character profiles, days researching your background information and months, possibly years, writing your novel. Now's the time to consider your publishing options - traditional publishing vs. self-publishing … So, to get you started, what are the real benefits of self-publishing your manuscript?

1. Creative Control

Firstly, and most importantly, you retain creative control over the entire publishing process. This process generally includes the four stages of writing, editing, design and printing and you can choose whether or not you would like to employ a professional to help you through these stages. Whatever you decide, you are working for yourself and you don't have to answer to anyone else.

2. Greater Financial Rewards

Why should anyone else be paid for all of your hard work? Unlike traditional publishing, if you choose to self-publish, every dollar of every book that you sell comes back to you. Then you can use your hard earned money to pay for more advertising and get your book out there for everyone to see!

3. Pricing Control

You decide how much your book is going to cost. Bear in mind that if you sell your masterpiece for a dollar, it’s going to take forever to break even on your original costs. You will, however, make a lot of friends and a lower price tag can increase your readership. Conversely, if you charge one hundred dollars for your one hundred page novella, very few people will be willing to purchase your book. Choose a sensible price tag and with your financial control, you can even give a discount to your friends.

4. Networking Opportunities

As you work on your book you will go through a series of stages in production. Along the way you will discuss the book with other people, research advertising and marketing options, consider writing a press release for your book or even turn it into an E-book. Whatever you come across in your publishing journey, all of these avenues will provide excellent networking opportunities.

5. The Self Publishing Guarantee

Larger publishing houses only publish books that they believe will make a lot of money. They want successful authors that guarantee sales. Self-publishing offers a different guarantee. If you truly want to publish your work, you can, no matter what any publisher or editor says about it.

6. Publishing Later Works

Very few major book retailers are willing to stock single book self-publishers. So, devise a crafty career plan. If you can afford to self-publish your first few books, you can use them to strengthen your reputation as a writer. Then, in the future, a traditional publishing house may be more willing to take you on for your next book. Since you have self-published your previous titles, you can even edit and re-release them under the new badge.


This is Your Book...

You’ve done all the work on your own. From that first exciting thought in the imaginative theatre of your mind to the arrival of the first copy on your doorstep, you’ve put in the effort and this is entirely your creation. You couldn’t have done it without yourself! Be proud, treasure your masterpiece and get it out there for people to read.

Matthew Reilly, Dave Bell, Rachael Bermingham and Kim McCosker ... The list of successful self-published authors continues to grow and whether or not you are craving fame and fortune, you have every reason to self-publish your work. Don’t accept your tenth rejection letter! Don’t let your manuscript become ammunition for the recycling bin! Take control and you will be surprised by the benefits of this enjoyable and empowering process.

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